mid-sketchery modern

When I first learned how to use Sketch, I practiced by drawing one piece of mid-century modern furniture per day, which inspired an entire series of illustrations for a new blog, Mid-Sketchery Modern.

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Keynote animation experimentation

After seeing the magic that designer Linda Dong made with Apple's Keynote app, I was inspired to try animating my own vector illustrations.
I was amazed at how incredibly easy Keynote makes it to bring static images to life. I plan on using it for more than just slideshows in the future, now that I know what a powerful and easy tool it is to use for motion graphics and UI prototyping. Stay tuned!

Interior design

After their tenants of 12 years had ended their lease, my family in Los Angeles asked me to help them turn their worn-down guest house into an Airbnb. I accepted, of course, excited by the opportunity to blend my user experience and interior design skills together to create a 5-star guest experience.


I worked with a contractor over the course of 3 months to execute the gut renovation, which included  specifying brand new materials, finishes, fixtures, and furniture.

Proposed floor plan, initial design sketches, inspiration images:

I started the process in the same way I would with any design project, by considering the possible user personas that would use the space. I imagined families touring Los Angeles, business travelers, and couples on getaway, to name a few, and thought about the different needs they all might have: a pull-out sofa bed for extra family members, lots of light and desk space for working, and an extensive guest guidebook filled with more local gems than any guest could possibly fit into one trip. I aimed to keep my designs flexible, and most importantly, provide every guest with feelings of comfort, safety, and relaxation in their home away from home. See the final design below, which is now live on Airbnb.


Part of being an interior designer is understanding how things are built. On weekends, I like to spend time with other designer friends in the wood shop, brainstorming different ideas for DIY projects. We start by sketching on paper, creating 3D SketchUp models, and then building them out.

One of my favorite wood projects so far has been this shoe rack, which solved a huge need for organization at home:

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